• Jack Bobo

What is FSP?

The FSP (Future Stars Program) is an educational program sponsored by FAPAC (Federal Asian Pacific American Council) to help students (of Asian decent) to adapt to American lifestyle in an informative and helpful manner.

As the first of the FSP, the eight of us intrepid students (plus one mascot) have bonded together to strive to help our community. First starting on the issue of vaping (where us teens had an inside of view of the issue), we later moved to COVID-19, deciding we should strike where we knew we could have a greater impact for our peers and community.

In my time with the FSP, I have seen 7 completely different and unique teens, push pass their differences to actually make a difference in this world. No matter how small that difference appears now, I know- no, WE know that we will be able to help out our communities, and push forward a good image for FAPAC (thanks for supporting us! You guys are amazing!).

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