• Jack Bobo

Our Stickers Project (and How To Contribute!)

Why are we selling stickers?

We have decided to start small, selling stickers (all with positive messages, because we're all about the good vibes!) to bring in money to help support the organizations, such as The Red Cross and food banks, that are giving us their all in these trying times.

With time, we hope to spread further, t-shirts, bottles, hats, and hopefully, hoodies.

How to Contribute (Please Do!)

As part of this project, we want to get the community involved. If you are an artist, no matter what your skill level, we would love to have your talent and see your designs! Send us your sticker designs and know that you are helping out your community!

Make sure your stickers provide positive messages, and they may be COVID-19 related.

These funds will allow us to donate to the organizations who are keeping us safe, everyday. Together, we hope we can help our communities get through this pandemic, chipping in our own effort to the cause!

If you have any questions or wish to submit a sticker, send us an email at

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